The Merritt College Environmental Management and Technology Program and Environmental Center (Self-Reliant House) is located in the Oakland Hills between two wild land watershed open spaces. The Program is one of the first in the nation and well known for both its introductory courses and hands-on field courses in diverse subjects taught by working professionals.


We offer Certificates of Proficiency in three areas:

  1. Fundamentals of Environmental Management
  2. Greening the Urban Environment
  3. Urban Agroecology

Taking classes for these certificates would help you:

  • Gain skills in ecological restoration.
  • Understand sustainable systems and current management applications.
  • Learn environmental stewardship best practices.
  • Expand your outdoor education techniques and communication artistry of natural and cultural history.
  • Gain fundamentals in local and regional planning.
  • Delve into urban food production in home gardens or expand to school and community gardens or even farms.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our programs.

We look forward to speaking with you!